Many women are battling wife and mothering roles with their careers and that has imparted greatly how they raise their daughters. Growing up my mother used to tell me to study and become the best I ever wanted to be. As a child I didn’t realize just how powerful these words were, now I see the implication, well I am an Engineer! And she still continues to support me even now.



TPM means everyone is responsible for equipment. That is the ultimate TPM attitude. To be lean you need to have reliable equipment.To have reliable equipment you need everyone involved in the whole production from the top management to the junior most staff. The traditional attitude of “I design, you fix, you fix I operate ” is long gone and TPM is advocating for “We are all responsible for our equipment” kind of attitude.


Sustainable Engineering

Around the world talks revolve around sustainability and engineers are greatly tasked to develop machines,equipment and tools that are environmentally sustainable. The conversations in Engineering are rapidly changing from merely problem solving to solving a problem sustain-ably.It is a concept that is rapidly changing the way things have been done in the past and one that is rapidly evolving with the constant improvements in technological and scientific research.


Energy Efficiency: The Future of Kenya’s Success Story.

A clean energy revolution is taking place in Africa. Developing countries need energy to raise productivity and improve the living standards of their populations.There has been a surge in NGOs and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) that have emerged seeking to provide electricity to rural and inaccessible areas which are not yet connected to the grid or will never be connected to the grid anytime in future. With this energy revolution comes responsibility and that responsibility is energy efficiency. It’s one thing to have energy and it is another thing to use it as effectively and efficiently as it should.


Fire Protection Systems in Schools.

The most important thing to consider when designing a school or carrying out a fire risk assessment for a school is to determine the exit route in the event of a fire. This is what is referred to as a means of escape. A critical analysis of schools or institutions’ buildings should be carried out to determine the danger which may arise from a fire and how to escape from the buildings.

Fire Safety Dos and Don’ts.

Fire is the best servant and the worst master. This is quite evident in all the fire incidents that we have witnessed in the recent and past years. Fire safety is important for everyone of us irregardless of where you are or who you are, what you do , how and where you do it. Fires can occur anywhere anytime if the environment permits.  Today on the blog we start a series on fire safety and to start us off is the general fire safety do’s and don’t s.



You are an Engineer seated somewhere and perhaps you are bored with your current job position, you are looking for promotion, you want to change careers or better still you want to be an ‘engineerpreneur’. Or you just want to be set apart from the rest of the engineers out there. All these you want to do but going back to school for more training or further education is not an option because of one reason or another. Plus for many engineers going back to school after spending five or more years pursuing under graduate education is not top of their priority. Well Engineer, the answer could be certification in your area of choice.