Dating a Lady Engineer

Just like all other women out there, all lady engineers vary in personalities, but there are just some traits that are common with most if not all of them. Being a lady engineer, I have heard most people say that dating a lady engineer is like dating one of the boys. Perhaps that is the reason why you should date a lady engineer. She most definitely knows how to act like one of the boys. Guys you will agree with me, you don’t want to date a lady who would embarrass you in front of the dudes. Trust a lady engineer to blend in as one of the guys.

A female engineer is used to working with socially inept people, and this makes her more forgiving towards your social faux. Awkward to her is nothing new, and you have to be super awkward to make her feel weird. Women are generally programmed to multi task and work under pressure. Being a lady engineer makes it easier to get everything done at the minute! Well final submission of the report is tomorrow, there is nothing in your file and your three months old baby has decided to pull an all nighters on you? No problem! You have to make sure the household is up and not just running, but running smoothly, knowing where my son put his underpants and still think of what to eat for dinner, while still thinking about that exam you have next week? Trust a lady engineer to do all that.

If your wife or girlfriend is an engineer, be sure to never get a call to come fix things around the house. Trust her to be plumber, a carpenter and even an electrician whenever the need arises to. She can fix them herself, unless it’s a dead cockroach or mouse, then you better hurry! Engineers have a lot of free time. Well not really, Engineers are programmed to create a lot of their own time. Whether she needs to do laundry, have a date with you alone or the kids, manage that big project at work, trust a lady engineer to have time to do it all. You will never hear an engineer say she has no time!

Studying engineering for five years (not guaranteed it could be 5+ years) is like being in a long time relationship that taught you to keep calm and carry on. Trust a female engineer to be very patient in a relationship, while applying their root cause problem solving skills to make the relationship work. After all engineers are problem solvers. She will solve problems you didn’t even know existed.

Well to be honest and also being one, I know that lady engineers are always very busy with work and you have to put up with their hours.As such they are never clingy and don’t expect them to be all over you. They will solve your problems starting from the roots to avoid recurrence. Just like most women, they still are compassionate, strong,  understanding and they also do vent a bit.

So the question is should you date a lady engineer? That is for you to decide.

Hi! I am Brenda Rombo, a mechanical engineer, a writer and a dreamer but you can call me Bee. In 2014 I started a platform to discuss the various issues and emerging technologies in Engineering. During my years both as a student and an engineer I have always been fascinated with new and emerging technologies and diversity and inclusion.

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    Linus Kimani

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