Disruptive Technologies and Engineering

Engineering is as old as life itself. It has been in existence since the world started. The basics are the same however the execution is what varies. The engineering world has witnessed considerable changes that have affected how and where things are done.Now we are talking about disruptive technologies.

What is a disruptive Technologies?

This is a technology that changes how things and businesses in the engineering world are done. Examples are 3D printing , alternative energies, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, The GPS and many more.
It is true that disruptive technology is a game changer in the world and its effect to engineers is that they will have to keep re skilling to remain relevant in the industry. These technologies change rapidly and that is the only way to survive in the competitive world. Most of the repetitive and monotonous jobs especially in the manufacturing industry will be replaced by machines if not already done and the most important skills required for engineers will be critical and analytical thinking.

Work environment and style will drarically change and people will not be required to go to the office everyday. The engineering world is at test right now. Engineers have a big role to play in how the future will be, be it in medicine, education, agriculture, energy,food manufacture and packaging, the world is watching. Engineering will determine how the future will look like and how humanity will fare.

The big challenge lies in the engineering education . Are the future generation of engineers well prepared for the task at hand? Has the engineering curriculum evolved to match the ever changing technological evolutions are we ready for the disruptions, if not what measure do we have in place ?
The world is moving to a time where all industries want to solve problems facing humanity. Engineers are in demand in other industries because of the rigorous training they undergo to breakdown and solve complex problems.

Hi! I am Brenda Rombo, a mechanical engineer, a writer and a dreamer but you can call me Bee. In 2014 I started a platform to discuss the various issues and emerging technologies in Engineering. During my years both as a student and an engineer I have always been fascinated with new and emerging technologies and diversity and inclusion.

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