Covid 19 is almost crippling the world’s greatest economies and Africa has not been spared and is even projected to become the worst affected post Covid 19. However the pandemic has brought with it exceptional opportunities for Africa to grab and run with. It is now time for Africa to stop it’s reliance on foreign industries and build it’s own industries.

The Pandemic is a wake up call to Africa that over reliance on the East and West will be our downfall. The medical world in both the Earth and West is very much overwhelmed already hence nothing is left to “support” Africa. It’s now time for African leaders to build the healthcare in their own nation’s and realize there will come a time when they will not be able to get treatment abroad,say like now.

It’s now time for Africa to invest in it’s Engineers, doctors, scientists and researchers rather in it’s STEM professionals. It’s now a time for the much awaited African Industrial revolution. We need to revive our companies and set up more industries. One could wonder what much needed relief the  Kikomi cotton company in Kisumu and Raymond in Eldoret both in Kenya would have brought during this tough time?

The whole education system in Africa calls for a revolution. It’s now time to invest in digital classrooms and have all teacher training colleges ICT enabled, if the “every child laptop dream” had been fulfilled our children would now be learning at the comfort of their homes.But even that dream is far fetched as at now because the country or rather continet is still dark. It’s now time to light up Africa, we have been the dark continet for long it’s now time for us to stand up and have each home in Africa lit as a bare minimum. This Pandemic has proved to us that when the world is worst hit, everybody will help their people first then with whatever that remains come to “rescue” Africa afterwards. It’s time we stoppped acting poor and embrace the vast wealth and opportunities we have a been blessed with.

Africa has one of the most youthful population the world over which translates to readily available workforce, unfortunately they have been left to wonder in poverty and rife unemployment forcing most of Africa’s best brains to leave their mother land in search of  greener pastures abroad. What is greener pastures when Africa literally has greener pastures all over?  The time is now for Africa to get hold of it young population and empower them, it time we refuse brain drain, and bring back our best to build our nations.

Africa can feed its people and the world that we all know but why isn’t it? It’s time we stop importing what we can grow locally and invest in our farmers. It time we borrow technology and embrace it to feed our nations, it’s time we export more of the produce that we produce to the world. It’s time we taught our younger generations our indigenous foods, and cuisines and encourage them to keep the traditions. It’s time we went back to our roots and fight these lifestyle diseases encroaching our land swiftly. It’s time for Africa to feed it’s people!

Africa arise and fight for your people, this pandemic is already causing so much pain and as such we should not let it pass by without embracing the opportunities it has presented to us. This time right now is our wake up call as a continent.

ARISE AFRICA, the time is NOW!



Hi! I am Brenda Rombo, a mechanical engineer, a writer and a dreamer but you can call me Bee. In 2014 I started a platform to discuss the various issues and emerging technologies in Engineering. During my years both as a student and an engineer I have always been fascinated with new and emerging technologies and diversity and inclusion.

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