Safety is Productivity.

If you are in a STEM career, most of the time you are exposed to some of the most dangerous working conditions and environments in the world, well unless of course you work in an office environment.Depending with the environment, you are exposed to fires, radiation, dangerous machines, chemicals, just to mention a few.That is why wherever you work, it is important to feel safe in your environment.”Everyone deserves to leave work as safely as they arrive,right?You should not be scared that feeding your family is going to kill you.”said Paul O’Neil the former CEO of Aluminium Company of America. Pause for a moment and take a look at the organization practicing safe work principles to the latter. Are they not successful?Why is it then that some organizations practice safe work principles better than others?

Safety first of all is a habit.For organizations it starts as a routine which eventually becomes an organizations culture. Routines are small habits that developed over time and eventually become a norm, a way of life.Why then do some organizations develop better cultures, not just in safety but in everything they do than others?Organizations that flourish have realized the importance of safety in the workplace.As such, they have encouraged their employees to adopt safe work principles. Most if not all have even introduces a reward scheme. Why?To be productive, work has to be done, correctly and efficiently in a safe manner. To be safe, there are certain correct ways of doing things that have to be considered, and to work correctly one has to follow rules and regulations as per job and have the right training.To crown it all, a safe worker feels valued and cared for by an organization and such their output is higher without them even knowing it.

Encourage your employees to embrace safe work practices and procedures. Let safety be a way of life in your organization. Let them practice safety without even thinking about it, just like we wake up in the morning, wash our face and brush our teeth and no one forces us to but we do it because first very important and second it is the right thing to do. When employees start embracing safety something very important happens, you find that it spills to other areas of their lives too. Remember a habit has been cultivated. For example you will realize that they do not drink and drive because they know it is not safe or drive while texting or on the phone, or even come to work a little tipsy because they know it is dangerous to operate a machine in that state.

I know you are thinking about all that expense that comes with implementing safety principles.Implementing safety is very expensive but the savings in the long run are worth every penny spent.Look at it this way,the benefits of a safe work environment include high employee turnover,reduced sick pay and employees compensation claims, reduced absenteeism,reduction in injury costs,less delay in production just but to mention a few. Over the years I have come to realize that there is nothing that cannot be done safely. And if you think it cannot be done safely (this is to both employees and employers) then it should not be done at all. Nothing is worth compromising safety for.

Remember safety starts with YOU and ME and that safety is productivity!

Have a safe day!

Hi! I am Brenda Rombo, a mechanical engineer, a writer and a dreamer but you can call me Bee. In 2014 I started a platform to discuss the various issues and emerging technologies in Engineering. During my years both as a student and an engineer I have always been fascinated with new and emerging technologies and diversity and inclusion.

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  1. April 2, 2016


    Most companies in Kenya don’t value safety, You’ve put it well for them. Keep on doing the great job.

    • April 3, 2016


      Very true Brenda, Safety should always come first. It does start with me and you… Hope our Kenyan organizations take note and take action

  2. March 29, 2016

    David Njuguna

    Great highlights on Health & Safety. Good work.

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