Celebrating Mother’s in STEM: Dolphine Moraa’s Passion for Sustainability in STEM

What is your name?

Dolphine Moraa

Which is your STEM Field?


What/Who inspired you to pursue a career in STEM?

At a young age, around grade 5, I discovered a passion for science subjects and excelled in them. This led me to develop a strong interest in engineering, which I have pursued ever since.

Could you share a brief overview of your journey in the STEM field?

I am an Electrical Engineer specializing in Low Voltage Systems. With a mastery of skills in power control panels, I am now focusing my expertise on smart energy management systems and sustainable practices as a whole. My goal is to contribute to the advancement of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in the field.

How has motherhood impacted your career journey in STEM?

As a mother balancing a demanding engineering career, I’ve found it challenging yet rewarding. Juggling responsibilities has sharpened my skills in time management and resilience. Motherhood has also inspired me to focus on projects that contribute to sustainability and social impact within STEM. Overall, while it’s demanding, it’s immensely fulfilling to make a positive impact both professionally and personally.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a mother in the STEM industry?

Work life balance, male dominated environment, lack of supportive policies e.g. on site childcare facilities.

In what ways can the STEM industry better support and accommodate mothers?

Flexible work arrangements, on site child care facilities, professional development opportunities, networking and support groups.

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